Room in Rome (2010)

A hotel in the middle of rome in italy two young woman get adventure that touch their deep souls to change their personality..

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Bloomington (2010)

When professor involved with her college student girl who make a search about independence , teen female called

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Female Perversions (1996)

An anxious woman who don't get excited and aimless sex, while she's sick in her life problem. she can't feel happy in sex with both male and females..

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I Can't Think Straight (2008)

In the style of traditions in middle east reem and omar was preparing for their happy marriage of Tala their child Until someone who was not expected show up..

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Reaching for the moon 2013

The share with the heartbreaking relationship between american poet Elizabeth with Brazilian builder Lota de Macedo Soares.

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Jack and Diane (2012)

Diane get knows to a girl in the summer holiday a girl named jack who has a boyfirend and diane got her feelings moved to her in every moment jack get away from her boy..

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better than chocolate 1999

Maggie with Kim they meet in the city of Vancouver their passion has become turned on the wheel together with hanging on the street they meet..

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Secret Things 2002

Two young ladies trying to live with each others in Paris in the same apartmen, while that person from the neighborhood seeking to...

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Kiss Me 2011

2011 best selling bluray of lesbian movies that's rapidly published and been shared around the web. Love story between frida and mia they meet each other in a friend part for weeding, they fall in love..
 THe Movie also Known as  

Kyss mig 2011

Mulholland Drive 2001

A blonde beginner actress, she's trying her luck by traveling to Hollywood. she will meet a girl who made accident before caused an amnesia and can't remember anything about her life ..

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When Night is falling 1995

Two liberal woman who meet accidentally and they find themself attracted to each others once they meet from time to time..
Genres : Drama, Romantic.
Language : English
Director : patrecia rozema
Country of filming : United kingdom.